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Welcome to the directory, where you can view a list of all available products with links to each product collection. Keep this page bookmarked to check up on the current bird species I have readily available. 


Ever since my first little budgie, I have been fascinated with the diverse variety of parrot species that live across the world. 

All parrot species that have their own product collection can be found below. To see what I have available for each bird, please click the image:



Other Birds

Some parrots don't have enough products to merit their own collection. These can be found in my 'Other Birds' collection.

Other Birds

I am planning to expand my collections to include many more species of birds. For now, here are the birds I have available in my miscellaneous bird collection:

I also offer bird-inspired items such as feathers and wings in the following collection:

Feathers and More

Don't see the bird you want?

Get something custom made just for you!

Custom items

You can always order custom charms, figurines, and jewelry of any bird. If you are interested in having something special custom made, please click the picture above. To learn more about my policies on custom orders, click here.


Art of Other Animals

I don't exclusively make birds. There are many other animals I find fascinating, such as butterflies, reptiles,fish, and much more.

Monarch Butterfly