My Etsy shop and custom orders

February 24, 2016

My Etsy shop and custom orders

Hello, all!

Welcome to my new online shop, 8 Blue Birds. Here, I strive to offer quality bird-themed art and similar products to bird and animal lovers. You can also purchase my work through my Etsy shop at Right now my shop is small, but it is always growing. 

Because the current configuration of this website does not support custom orders or private listings, I will be taking custom orders through my Etsy shop instead. If you would like to order a custom item and do not wish to create an Etsy account, please contact me and I will try to accommodate a workaround. When this changes and I can offer custom listings here, I will post the new setup in the news blog and send an email notification to all my subscribers.

My Etsy shop is also where I will be featuring my works that have multiple variations, like the budgie keychain featured below. I try to offer most of the same items in both locations, but each place has a few exclusive products, so be sure to check out both sites! 

Thank you for your visit! I look forward to crafting something special for you.


Sarah Stump

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