Budgie Flock! -- My Week in Clay 9/15/17

September 15, 2017

This weekend I am finishing up a commission of a colorful group of budgies. I have been missing my budgie sculpts, so I especially enjoyed this custom project. In between customs I have still been working on my owl projects for October as well as a few more cockatoos.

I also have a few shop changes planned for my October update in addition to the new creations. My custom figurine listing will be divided into two, giving complexly patterned birds their own listing. I hope this will simplify the listings and avoid confusion. It will also make size options more straightforward, as there is some price overlap with complex bird figurines.

The pricing for size options will also be updated to reflect the wing style. Within the cockatoo update I am working on some figurines with outspread wings. I only have a few prototypes so far, but the design is going well. The challenge is to keep the wings within a safe radius to protect them from the heating elements of my small oven, as well as maintain a size that fits inside my current shipping boxes.

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