Heat Wave -- My Week in Clay 9/1/2017

September 01, 2017

Temperatures are rising in my area this week, making it increasingly difficult to work with the clay. It gets too soft and sticky to sculpt properly. To compensate, I have been trying to sculpt my commissions by night when things are cooler. This is the busiest I have been with commissions all year, and I apologize for any delays this new schedule has caused. I am doing the best I can without air conditioning.

Until I catch up with my commissions, the cockatoo project will be delayed. I am still planning to update my shop on October 1, and I hope to include as many cockatoos as possible. Some cockatoos I am planning to make are gang-gangs, galahs, sulphur-crested cockatoos, and some corellas. 

I am also working on my owl projects, with a batch of starry owls and woodland owls set for the October update. The starry owls are nearly complete, while the woodland owls are still in concept stages. I am very happy with the leaf designs so far.

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